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Interaction StylesTM and Essential MotivatorsTM

Personality typology is not about putting people into little boxes, but rather clarifying patterns that already exist. There are a few different classification systems that are helpful to understanding the complexity of human behavior, and knowing different methods helps better than just understanding one.

At Type School, we know that finding your type or even learning about the 16 different types all at once can be a bit overwhelming or confusing, so we highly recommend starting off by learning about Interaction Styles.

Interaction StylesTM

Interaction Styles as a method is not an extension of Jung's or Briggs and Myers' interpretations of Jung, but rather a different facet of understanding that addresses the "how" of our behavior - how we interact with others when we try to influence and relate to them. Interaction Styles are based on observable behavioral patterns rather than inborn traits.


Temperament looks at mental functions or processes and groups the patterns based on the predominance of the functions. The Four Temperaments are Improviser, Stabilizer, Theorist, and Catalyst. Each temperament has different preferences for polarities and requirements for dynamics, language, roles, and attention to maintain itself. These patterns of behaviors are not based off Jungian models, but rather temperament models.

Essential MotivatorsTM

Many people find it easier to discover their type by seeing which core needs, aims, values, drives, and beliefs they resonate with the most. The Essential Motivators lens provides an insight into what drives us, in return creating a deep understanding of different perspectives, different talent agendas, and sources of conflict and stress.

Please note that these charts are not the end all be all to understanding the different temperaments and interaction styles, and we highly encourage reading more via Linda Berens' resources.

4 small dots in a row, in blue, yellow, green, and red. These represent the core Type School colors