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Created to foster collaboration, embrace humanity, and explore untapped potentials, Type School is a community and learning platform for personality typology newbies, enthusiasts, and experts alike.

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What is Type School?

Type School is a community and learning platform for everyone interested in personality typology. Our roster of faculty members features some of the most esteemed and renowned figures in the field of personality typology, known for their official standing and global recognition.

At Type School, we go beyond mere entertainment. We delve into the depths of understanding personality types, exploring how this knowledge can elevate humanity to its highest potential. By fostering collaboration, reducing conflicts, and embracing our shared humanity, we believe that each of us can unlock the untapped potential within.

Our Origin Story

Our story began with Mengju, our founder. She recognized that the media, including social media, often presents a curated and inauthentic image of individuals, perpetuating biases and heavily focusing on conflict, feeding society's unhealthy fascination with negativity and disasters.

Consuming this distorted content led Mengju to a moment of profound reflection. She came across a video about a drive-thru conflict, and was shocked at the hoards of hateful comments from anonymous strangers filling the comment section, This experience sparked a five-hour existential crisis in which she questioned the state of humanity. Driven by a desire to highlight the inherent goodness in people, Mengju delved into the world of technology and its potential for positive change, with type theory emerging a powerful tool for understanding human nature.

And so, Mengju came up with the idea for Type School, a community and learning platform that encourages human understanding to empower humanity. While we humans are all unique, we share common functions and ways of navigating the world - and this unites us!

Join us on this transformative journey as we bridge the gap between understanding and empowerment. Explore our courses, engage with our community, and discover the endless possibilities that await you.

Our Mission

Our mission with Type School is to use frameworks from psychological type theories and leverage the insights to help people understand themselves better and in turn, connect better, collaborate better, and live better.

As humans, we never got an instruction manual on how to live as a human in this world. As a result, many people don't know themselves very well, and that makes it harder to understand other people too. Additionally, most peoples' default assumption is that other people are incorrect or that they're a faulty version of yourself. Here at Type School, we want to maximize human potential. We envision a world where every person (who has the opportunity to) can thrive in this world by maximizing their unique set of gifts and talents.

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