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Type School is the learning platform and community for typology learners and enthusiasts.

We believe that it's
good to
understand yourself
and good to
understand others.

Typology, or classification according to general type, especially in archaeology, psychology, or the social sciences, is one of the most popular tools for understanding people better. At Type School, we think that you shouldn't have to look hard to find information on personality types. We've gathered some of the foremost experts and most beloved content creators to bring you the knowledge you need so you can master typology in minutesnot years.

‍TypeSchool is not just for learning, it's also a dedicated social media network – solely for the Type community! We're here to connect, grow, and meet friends who share a common passion for understanding the human mind in all its complexity.

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Level up by taking courses

Perhaps you’re an ENFP who struggles with getting your creative ideas launched, or an INTP who could never master the art of flirtation?

Our world-class instructors use Jungian Typology, Enneagram, and Socionics to deliver a personalized learning experience with your mind in mind.

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Why TypeSchool?

Join your Type House

We're committed to help you unlock your full potential via your personality type. Our 8 house framework lets you understand your type more deeply by interacting with like-minded people in your Type School House. At Type School, personal discovery is an adventure where you can meet friends along the way.

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Interact with your favorite creators and typology masters live!

Engage directly with Type School Instructors with our special live events. While our courses offer a breadth of typology knowledge, our live events offer you the space to ask your burning questions and join dynamic discussions with the community in real-time.

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Embrace your unique ways of thinking

We're passionate about building a better world by understanding the self and others. Our unique personalities are all equally important parts of a greater ecosystem! Add a personality role to your profile and let others get to know you. It's a great way to share your interests and quirks with the Type School community.

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Let's discover your
personality type!

Book a 1:1 session with a Type School Typologist

We love the convenience of online personality tests, but they can be unreliable and focused more on scalability rather than presenting an accurate reading of theory. Also, as self-assessments, the questions can sometimes be a little confusing for those who like more detailed context. This can lead to people abandoning typology when their results tell them one answer one day and another the next.

No... you're not 60% "N" and 40% "S" or 55% "F" and 45% "T" - you're a lot more complex than that! Our Typologists will help you clarify your understanding of yourself by conducting an in-depth analysis of your cognitive functions. Our typing is based on theory, functions, and interaction styles. Type School also offers typing and coaching sessions for both individuals and teams. For the world to work together, we must all have a good understanding of both who we are, and who we are working with.

We take type seriously.

And so do our partners

Learning about type should be fun, easy, and most importantly, accurate. We're committed to providing you with the most up-to-date and research-backed findings on typology so you feel the most secure in your knowledge.

Meet the Type School Faculty

Our superstar roster of instructors includes esteemed and globally recognized experts in personality typology! Type School offers an extraordinary opportunity to learn from iconic experts all in one place. Our faculty starts with our advisory board, which consists of Carol Linden, Linda Berens, Dario Nardi, and Victor Gulenko.

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Our Professors Emeriti

We've gathered some of the foremost leaders in typology to help shape the culture of Type School.

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We're extremely proud of our team, and we know you'll love them too. Our instructors include many of your favorite and most beloved typology masters and content creators such as Erik Thor, Joyce Meng, and Matt Sherman.

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