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Why We're Both Extraverts and Introverts

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Why Are We All Both Extraverts And Introverts?
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Course Overview:

1 Extravert And Introvert – The Origin Story

  • Where Do Extraversion And Introversion Come From?

2 Different Types Of Extraverts And Introverts?

  • 2-1 The Extraverted vs Introverted Thinking Types

  • 2-2 The Extraverted vs Introverted Feeling Types

  • 2-3 The Extraverted vs Introverted Sensing Types

  • 2-4 The Extraverted vs Introverted Intuitive Types

3 Busting Myths About Introverts And Extraverts

  • Busting Myths + How The MBTI Was Created

4 Introvert or Extravert – Which One Are You Really?

  • How To Determine Your Preference For Introversion Or Extraversion

4 small dots in a row, in blue, yellow, green, and red. These represent the core Type School colors
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