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INFP: I Now Feel Positive

Course by:

Matt Sherman


Dean of NFP House

Great for:





Live an authentic, happy, and fulfilling life by embracing your INFP personality type's quirks.

Course Overview:

EMPATH: Values and Emotional Awareness

  • Day 1: How to Get More Control and Assertiveness

  • Day 3: How to Find Purpose, Positivity, and Passion

  • Day 6: A Game-Changing Insight Into Generation Emotions

EXPLORER: Creativity and Energy

  • Day 9: How to Have a Better Relationship with Yourself

  • Day 12: Powerful Tips and Tricks for Unleashing Creativity

GUARDIAN: Past and Habits

  • Day 18: How to Turn Bad Experiences into Successful Lessons

  • Day 21: How to Quickly Relieve Guilt, Anger, and Anxiety (And Many More)

  • Day 24: How to Take More Control over Low Energy and Procrastination

COMMANDER: Accomplishments and Successful Thinking

  • Day 27: How to Properly Set and Achieve Goals

  • Day 30: How to Easily Be Productive Even When You Don't Feel Like It

Additional Lessons:


  • Handwriting Hacks For Personal Growth

  • Level 2 Journaling: Journal Better, Achieve More

  • 6-step Tapping Protocol to Remove Problems

  • Best Self Activation: Bring Out The Best In You

  • Instant Anxiety Clearing Move (Gun Finger)

  • Social Confidence Installation Hypnosis Track

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