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Full-Stack Decision-Making

Course by:

Michael Caloz


Dean of NTP House

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Part 1: $139.00

Part 2: $139.00


The ultimate guide for _NTP's, _NFP's, _NFJ's, and _NTJ's, offering strategies to conquer 'analysis paralysis,' empowering confident decision-making across various aspects of life.

Course Overview:

Part 1

Module 0: Welcome! Let's set you up for success

  • Tips for success

  • Important addendum

  • Challenge - What kind of person do you want to be?

Module 1: Here's why you're struggling

  • Type looping guide

  • Your turn

  • Challenge - Celebrate your decisions

  • Question for ENTP's

  • Question for INTP's

  • Question for ENFP's

  • Question for INFP's

  • Question for INFJ's

  • Question for ENFJ's

  • Question for INTJ's

Module 2: Dangers, biases, and stages

  • Module 2: Dangers, biases, and stages

  • Cognitive biases

  • Challenge - Fight confirmation bias

  • 9 stages of making a big change

  • Challenge - Notice your excuses

  • Your turn

Module 3: The key first step for any decision

  • Techniques for slowing down

  • Your turn

Module 4: Managing your #1 most important resource

  • Your turn

  • (Source - the meta-analysis of 83 studies)

  • Challenge - What are my ideal conditions?

Module 5: Two major types of decisions

  • CORC for making small decisions

  • Your turn

  • Tips for self-compassion

  • The easiest way to make decisions: focus on criteria

Part 2

Module 6: How to make big decisions—my 15-step framework

  • Your turn #1

  • Video Lesson - part 2

  • Your turn #2

  • 15-step framework table template (Excel)

  • Complete table example

  • Bonus: My ultimate guide to sleep & morning routine

  • List of challenging feelings

  • List of pleasant feelings

  • Your turn #3

  • The 15-step framework for making big decisionss

  • Challenge - Experiment, gather data

Module 7: What if your *real* problem isn't making decisions?

  • Video Lesson - part 2

  • What's your real problem?

  • What are you optimizing for?

  • Your turn

  • Challenge - Explore trusting your impulses

  • Challenge - Does a decision feel stickier than it should?

Module 8: Getting to the deepest level—the existential perspective

  • The root of all suffering

  • Bonus: Deeper dive into the "aversion, craving, fixation, equanimity" framework

  • When decision-making is hard, try this guided meditation

Additional Lessons:


  • Decision Cheatsheet

  • Scenario: How should I decide which project/task to prioritize?

  • Scenario: Should I go to that social event?

  • Scenario: Should I do career A or career B?

  • Scenario: Is this the right romantic partner for me?

  • Case study: There’s an event, but I’m tired

  • Read this when you don't want to do your habit today

  • What if it seems like you made the wrong choice?

  • More decision-making tips

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